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The Childfare campaign needs your support – here’s how you can get involved:

  • Become a regional representative – contact us for details of what’s involved.
  • Like and follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.
  • Share our message with your friends and family.
  • Share images of you outside the places you’ve been that have charged you unfairly as an adult to our Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #childfare.
  • Send us an email with local places that have charged under-18s as adults and we’ll send them an official email or letter.

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A selection of responses to the Childfare campaign

“Well done girls – fully support your initiative. Regretfully it’s part of rip-off Britain and unscrupulous profiteering by such businesses and organisations, which are the majority sadly, rather than the few.”

“I have always thought about this – especially now that I have four children of my own! Good for you. Carry on campaigning!”

“Heard you on Radio 4. Great campaign – keep going!”

“It seems you are an adult at 10 when you visit Disney.”

“Chelsea football club do not charge adult prices until you are 20.”

“The worst is when they charge children full price for all-inclusive holidays when they cannot consume the alcohol that is priced into the packages.”

“There’s something a bit odd about having a discount for a student but not for a 17-year-old who’s still at school. Give student discounts to anyone in full-time education and group discounts to family groups with under-18s.”



And less positive!

“Get over it, if you don’t agree with the price structure simply don’t use it.”

“Many 16-year-olds are fully grown, so take up as much space, impose as much wear, eat more than adults. So surely it is fair that they are charged as such.”

“Why aren’t children required to pay more rather than less? They make more noise, inconvenience others to a far greater degree, demand attention, believe the World revolves around ‘themselves as sun’, are likelier to be messier. All in all therefore, should we not be asking them to pay more, the more so since our planet, particularly the Third World, is being overrun with them?”